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Stop marketing like it is still 2008. Video marketing continues to prove to be one of the most effective elements in digital marketing as we are now in 2019.


Humans are visual species where we find videos more engaging and memorable. It is proven with statistics that business with video contents receive 66% more qualified leads per year, comparing to those without. – According to Optinmonster

Video is now a necessity and no longer an option to have. Reason being the ability and power of storytelling through video is much stronger than any other elements. If you want to increase conversation and exposure rate, video marketing is the way to move forward!

Here are the 11 ways – not limited to – of using video for your marketing strategy

  1. Tutorials
  2. Explainers
  3. Presentations
  4. Advertisement
  5. Customer Testimonials
  6. Interview
  7. Live Stream
  8. Product Video
  9. Service Video
  10. Vlog (Video Blogs)
  11. Webinars

Tutorial Videos

There are times where your product or service requires explanations. Gone are the days where people are following the instruction manual that comes with the product when they receive it, or the PDF document that you sent along with the service that you’re providing.

YouTube and Google are where consumers are turning to when they are in doubt. Haven’t you heard of “Ask your good friend Google”?

With a good marketing strategy, you can even make use of these videos to indirectly help you with your marketing, instead of just using it as tutorials for your current customers.

Hence, tutorial videos is far more effective than those long chunks of text.

Explainer Videos

There are times where your product or service have new ideas behind time. You need to show your audiences and potential customers your idea. What’s better than a video?

In the past, company turns to infographic to explain their products and services. However, as we crave for more than just non-moving objects in our daily life now, humans are no longer satisfied with just a fanciful infographic.

I’m sure you’ve seen some explainers video in your life while you’re on social media platform. Why not join in the crowd?


Treat your audience like a king and tell them an exciting story. Present your presentation videos with a human touch with a host.

Ask yourself, why are you watching the news? Why do people want to watch the news? The news, is after all, a presentation video.


Gone are the days where companies are tied down to the old school media channel such as television for the display of their advertisement.

With the establishment of Facebook since 2004, and shortly after, YouTube in 2005, companies have so much more channels available for the advertisement.

While we all know what an advertisement is, but do we know why it is effective? An advertisement is ultimately a storytelling video. When you use storytelling for your brand, people remember your brand better and definitely your Call-To-Action (CTA).

Do you still remember the story of 3 little pigs after so many years?

Customer Testimonials

If you have met our director, Victor Mah, in a consultation session or anywhere in his sharing session, he would have mentioned about the importance of building trust. A customer testimonial videos is so much more effective than just text.

It helps to elevate your brand, as well as building the trust instantly as it is harder to be a scam, where the company just simply type it in.

Testimonial videos are able to insert your product and services at the same time into the video, doing marketing for your company at the same time.

Interview Videos

Having a human touch to the video often brings the audience closer to the company. Interview videos often help to show the face behind the company.

When the customers can relate to who they are dealing with, being all the exchange of conversation on the digital platforms, it help them to feel more relatable.

Interviewing the CEO of the company often brings belonging to the current customers, as they know the face behind the product and service they are receiving.

Live Streams

Live stream videos help to bring your audience closer to you, while being far away from you. As live streams typically allows interactiveness, customers will feel close to you, watching what you’re doing, while being at their comfort zone.

Product & Service Video

Instead of showing just the picture of the product, or a picture of the service being used, why not a video?

As explained above, video can do much more than static images. And it’s what your audiences are looking for.

A chiropractic doctor for example, may make use of a video to show how it is done. Without much words, people understand now, what is chiropractic. When some years back, most of us had never even seen that word before.

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Influencer? You may think that it is only relatable to social influencer to use vlogs. However, people are more than welcome to be able to relate to the face behind the company.


If you are into education, or you think you could teach some of your stuff on the digital platform, a webinar is the best choice in this era.

Having all your audiences in their own comfort zone and time zone, they are able to watch, discuss and interact with each other.

You could also go for live webinars as well.

This is especially useful if you are in the education industry. The music industry may be the best industry to do a webinars in our point of view. They are able to show how to play the instrument and at the same time, explain the exercises and go about.

One of the most successful online education platform for music could be drumeo.com


So here you go, the explanation of the 11 ways you can do video marketing on the digital platform! Are there any of the ways above suits your business?

Let us know in the comment below on your thoughts, or even if we had missed out certain ways, do drop a comment below to let us know about it!


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