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The 6 basic grids that will improve your photographs tremendously!


Have you ever wondered what are the professional photographers looking at before they capture a photo? Why are they pacing around, taking a long time to prepare themselves just for 1 photo? They are probably looking for one of the 6 grids mentioned below;

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Grid
  3. Diagonal
  4. Triangle
  5. Golden Ratio
  6. Golden Spiral

Rule Of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

Most probably the most common grid you’ve seen. But do you know, there are many ways you can apply this grid to your photos. You can either use the intersection point of the grid, and place your subject of interest there, or you can make use of the space created by the grid, to have your subject of interest in the space. Take note of the balance of the photo though!




Most probably you’ve not used grid before. But grid is especially useful when it comes to repeated patterns in the photograph, such as pillars of the building



Diagonal Grid

Diagonal grids are less commonly used. But you can use diagonal grid to help you to look out for the leading lines, or use it like rule of thirds, to create a depth-of-field to your photograph.



Triangle GridJust like the diagonal grid, the triangle helps you to look for the leading lines. Triangle grid is especially useful when it comes to positioning the subject of interest in the foreground, and balancing the subject with the background, with leading lines.


Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio is everywhere in nature. Subconsciously, human perceive golden ratio as something beautiful. Golden Ratio can be found on human body, our face, plants, the patterns on bugs etc. And because we are some comfortable with Golden Ratio, if we create something with Golden Ratio rule, it will be soothing to our eyes, and we’ll find it beautiful.


Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral uses the Golden Ratio rule, to create a sense of spiral, to lead your eyes and attention to the most important part of the photo. It brings how you can apply Golden Ratio to the next level. However, positioning your subject to Golden Spiral may be tricky. This may be why, a professional photographer may take a long time just for 1 photo.




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